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Jerai Gym Software

About Jerai Gym Software

Jerai Gym Software is a one-of-a-kind fitness technology app designed to help customers and gym owners to streamline day to day gym activities and processes.

The main aim of Jerai Gym Software is to revolutionize the way the fitness industry operates and help in removing all types of uncertainty from the business and make it a more profitable venture for gym owners.

The app has been developed to assist gym owners in taking care of their logistics and make the gym owners ready to meet the changing lifestyle demands of their customers.


Jerai Gym Software

Jerai Gym Software is an ultimate solution to every problem affecting your gym and solving them to make it a profitable venture for you. The interface is created to help gym owners to increase their funnel size of retention and reference. It also helps them sell memberships at premium.

The app makes use of unique 'Barcode Attendance Tracking'. It also automatically marks attendance in a color coded manner which distinguishes a regular member from an irregular one. Jerai Gym Software is also revolutionary in the sense that it incorporates the one-of-a-kind 'Gym Pooling' methodology which allows members to pool their membership with others.

This way, it helps a gym owner in:


What We Do?

Easy Tracking of
Better Day-to-Day
The Revenue

At the core the Jerai Gym Software app helps Gym owners better manage their day-to-day activities and seamlessly integrate the app towards making better profits for their individual gyms. The app assists in keeping a track on all the members and their individual daily workout regimes. Every member can be logged on with this and you can even make modifications in their daily diet plans to help them get in shape faster.

The members will also get daily notifications which will help them plan their trip to the gym in a more systematic way while giving them motivation to working-out more often. The app can also track the performance of every trainer and can also collect feedback regarding their individual methods. It is win-win situation for the owner as well as the member.

We offer the Gym Operating System to our users with the basic package starting from 20,000 + GST.

Note: The Pricing of the software will vary according to the customizations required by the clients.

Cancellation Policy:

  • You can cancel your order before it is in the status 'In Transit'
  • Services once delivered cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.

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